Commonly confused medieval weapons, a powerpoint by me.

Now stop screwing them up, seriously, or I will put a medieval weapon in your head.

Tumblr is endearing me to being lectured at in Comic Sans

THIS is a WAR SCYTHE, a scythe actually used in combat. Notice it is not a useless piece of shit and is an actual functional weapon.

The only reason why death is pictured with a FARMING scythe is because he harvests souls.

you say that like you couldnt actually kill someone with a farming scythe which im willin to bet a lot of money that ur wrong

((Medieval glitter xD))


 Ilya Repin


photos by craig eccles along the southern region of western australia


Vintage Veterinary Anatomical Illustrations 
Exquisitely detailed by German medical illustrator Hermann Dittrich
from University of Wisconsin Digital Collections

The University of Wisconsin’s digital library has 80 scanned images from classic works of German veterinary anatomists, Wilhelm Ellenberger and Hermann Baum, and medical illustrator, Hermann Dittrich.

The texts, from which these illustrations were derived, are works published in 1898 and from 1911 through 1925, all entitled Handbuch der Anatomie der Tiere für Künstler which can be translated as Handbook (or Atlas) of Animal Anatomy for Artists.

The illustrations are of the horse, cow, dog, lion, goat, deer [and roe deer].

SOURCE:  Veterinary Anatomical lllustrations

A tip of the hat to cvinceillustration, by way of scientific illustration, for posting some of Hermann Dittrich’s other illustrations, which led me eventually to this collection.  These illustrations have also been used in Wikipedia articles (for example).


photos by klaus echle, a forest ranger in germany’s black forest who came to gain the trust of this young female red fox. but after six months, at the start of the mating season, she disappeared. “i still miss seeing her,” he said. 




I found some old art books today called ‘Celtic Art: The methods of Construction by George Bain’ Which, I found interesting. I only have 4 out of the 7, they are very old (From 55 years ago). I thought I would just share some scans from them, some people might find them useful. :)

Ohhhh horror vacui neat to see tutorials on it.

KNOTWORK *flips table* I have the rest of this book and it’s amazing and I’m trying to learn how to do it myself. IT’S SO TEDIOUS BUT I LOVE IT


Colorado, USA

(by Ryan C Wright)


frog, no! it’s a trap! photos by jonathan blair